Kickoff: Week of June 14

Jun 15, 2021

Welcome to the 24 new BSP members who've joined us since last week's kickoff!

This is the weekly kickoff, where I'll update you on what I did the previous week, why it did or didn't work, and what I'm planning for this week. I'll always be fully transparent and include my internal dashboards, screenshots, and screencasts.

Let's get into it!

Membership Update

Last week was our sophomore slump after an incredible launch week. We'll bounce back this week due to some new initiatives I'll detail below.

We saw slower growth last week mostly due to my media efforts.

I didn't do a great job getting enough media out there due to some personal obligations, and what did post didn't perform as well as I'd hoped.

EPI is down across the board since our big launch tweet

I haven't been posting as many threads as I'd planned to due to low performance so far. You'll see some more go up this week, but I may need to change my approach on Twitter if this doesn't change.

However, I think that due to how well the launch tweet did, Twitter may be showing my tweets to a wider range of people than usual (rather than my core followers), which is driving EPI down. TikTok does this as well — after you put out successful, widely appealing content the platform keeps testing you on new audiences to see what sticks.

Surprisingly, for the second week in a row, LinkedIn has been a bit better engagement-wise. There's a chance that this type of content does better on LinkedIn, and I'm shooting myself in the foot by trying to make it work on Twitter.

I'm going to keep posting this week and will share much more detail here in next week's kickoff.

We did have a launch though:

I launched a progress dashboard on the site. It updates each day with how many members we have.

I haven't seen many newsletters do this before but my goal is to provide transparency. You'll be able to see how the things I do each week do, or don't, impact how many members we have.

Given the slow growth last week, we're doing a lot this week 👇

Community Analytics Deep Dive

Before I founded Launch House and The BSP, I was a data scientist at Uber and a product manager at Airbnb. Having robust data, and knowing what it means and how to use it, is essentially for building products — and communities are no different.

We'll go deep on what metrics can tell us, which ones matter most, and what solutions are out there right now.

Doubling Down on Faves

Faves is exploding, and we're well positioned to grow through it. Despite not yet having my ad posted, I've accumulated 1,044 followers on it already.

Since Faves is based around curation, the people who choose to follow me are specifically interested in what I have to say — so I'm hoping this becomes a strong channel for The BSP.

BSP Group Chat

This is our first experiment with community. I'll be setting up a Twitter group DM exclusively for BSP members on the Believer plan to chat with me and each other.

We're going to keep this very small to start. If you're interested in joining, let me know here!


I'm starting to set up some interviews with community building experts, to record and share with the community. If there's anyone you'd be interested in seeing me chat with, let me know!

Making The BSP Free

When building something from scratch, you have to move fast and not be afraid of changing things up.

Candidly, signups for our Believer tier have been flat since we stopped offering the discount codes. This tells me that, while people are interested in our more robust, deep dive content, The BSP doesn't have enough of a track record yet to justify a high price point like $50/month.

However, if I keep deep dives behind a paywall, but no one is signing up for that tier, then no one will see them and growth will slow. It becomes a chicken-and-egg problem. This gives me three options:

  1. Leave the paid tier as it is and accept lower growth
  2. Lower the price considerably
  3. Make it free for now

In the early days of this community, before we all even have a space to gather, it's most important that I provide access to all of the content so that we continue to grow. Due to that and the fact that I'm not doing The BSP to make money, I've chosen to make it free.

My friend Lenny Rachitsky built up a big audience of around 10k before he finally added a paid tier, and he still posts some great free content as well. I'm not sure exactly when we'll make the Believer tier paid again, but it will happen in the next few months as we grow. Anyone who's signed up for it before that point will continue to have access to it forever.

In the meantime, if you want to make sure you get all deep dives, frameworks, and aren't already on the Believer plan, go here and use the code BELIEVER.

For the few people that have paid, your refunds are already in progress.

Setting Up ConvertKit

Ghost doesn't give many analytics, which makes it hard to know how I can keep improving our posts. ConvertKit has a lot more detail and is specifically built for creators. I'll share screenshots of the additional info I get from it in future kickoffs.

Weekly Faves

This was a miss last week — I'll send out my first weekly faves post on Friday of this week with my favorite content of the week across multiple platforms.


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