Kickoff: Week of June 21

Jun 22, 2021

Welcome to the 50(!) new BSP members who've joined us since last week's kickoff!

This is more than double the increase of 24 from last week. Three main things will accelerate growth:

  1. Great posts that people love and want to share
  2. Building a sense of community around the BSP
  3. Discovering growth channels and going all in on them

It's early days so we're still experimenting, but there's some early indication that at least one channel could be good long term 👇

Using Faves for Growth

By posting only once a day for 4 days last week, I drove over 50 people to the site.

While it's unclear, the likelihood of someone becoming a subscriber after clicking the Faves ad seems likely to be high since they'll have gotten a full overview of the newsletter, including a voiceover from me, before clicking over to the site.

Interestingly, ad impressions don't seem to be directly correlated with when I post. That may just be a bug since Faves is an early-stage startup, but it's growing quickly and I'm very bullish on being able to use it as a channel for the BSP going forward.

Launched Twitter DM Group

Building community is what the BSP is all about. Our first experiment in building community around the BSP is a Twitter DM Group.

I get direct feedback from you about what I'm thinking of writing, or what I've posted. The best part is that discussions have already started happening between members, not just 1:1 to me.

If you want to get involved, go here. I'll continue launching more ways for members to interact over time.

GEAR Framework

As I wrote the community analytics deep dive, I realized it was a good time to share the very simple framework I use when thinking about community metrics.

The GEAR (Growth, Engagement, Advocacy, Retention) framework is a holistic, data-informed way of thinking about community health.

Set Up Tooling

We now use ConvertKit for email sends, Geckoboard for our progress page dashboard, and Zapier to glue everything together.

Here's a quick video that shows how I use no-code tools to power the BSP:

Website Update

Last week I made the BSP free for everyone, and so I made a few design tweaks to the Progress page and the Homepage.


I'll be releasing interviews with some incredible community leaders as the BSP grows, and last week I set up the first couple of these. More to come here soon!

Product Hunt Launch Prep

We're launching the BSP on Product Hunt next Thursday, July 1! Only some newsletters launch on PH but, given the BSP's plan to become a community, I'm optimistic we'll be able to launch.

Twitter Thread Resource

I'm building a database of successful Twitter threads, with a focus on threads about community building. I'll share it (including the URLs to the threads) as a resource once it's done, but here's a sneak peak:

Resources like this are a proven way to grow, especially on LinkedIn — a good channel for us so far.

Next Deep Dive

Our next deep dive will go out later this week — I'm gathering some feedback on what to release but keep an eye out in the second half of the week.

Referral Program

I'm building a referral program that will launch in the next few weeks — I'll have more to share here soon!


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