Kickoff: Week of July 19

Jul 19, 2021

Welcome to the 103 new members who've joined in the last week! Our biggest week since launch.

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Also, our referral program is now live! You'll see your unique referral link at the bottom of this post, and all future posts, along with a way to share it. Here's the structure:

  • 2 referrals -> Join the BSP Group Chat along with ~20 other members
  • 10 referrals -> I'll do an evaluation of your community and send you a Loom video with ways to build towards either your growth, engagement, advocacy, or retention goals
  • 25 referrals -> You and I will hop on a 30min Zoom call for a live consultation about your community

Super excited to share this! Let me know if there are other types of rewards you'd like to see 🙂

Launched on Product Hunt

I wasn't expecting a lot from the Product Hunt launch since The BSP is still a young newsletter but, given the bump in subscribers we got despite not ending up in the Top 5 launches of the day, I should've spent more time on the launch assets.

When we launch our community, we'll do a larger Product Hunt launch and double down on making it huge.

Big Twitter Post

In preparation for an upcoming post on how to kickstart a community, I asked Twitter for some help and the result was crazy — my most-engaged tweet ever

Not only did this lead to a bunch of incredible people offering to help with the post, it also brought some new people to The BSP 👋

Growth Strategy Doc

I spent some time thinking about the right growth strategy for The BSP and am in the middle of writing up a strategy doc. It's pretty substantial so I want it to be perfect and will have it ready for next week's kickoff. Sorry for the delay! It'll be worth it.

Interview with Mac Reddin

I shared my interview with Commsor's founder, Mac Reddin on Thursday. It became one of The BSP's most viewed posts. I'll be sharing more interviews in the next few weeks.

Referral Program

Our referral program is live! Check it out below

How to Kickstart a Community

My main focus this week writing is our biggest post yet. I'm writing a big, multi-part post on how to kickstart a community and I'm looking for help. I'll be sending out a way to participate soon and the post will come out in a few weeks.

Business Model Deep Dive

I teased this last week but, with the in-depth interview coming out, felt it'd be better to save this for this week.

I'll go deep on each potential community business model, and when they're the right or wrong choice for a community.

Set Up More Interviews

After seeing the great response to the interview with Mac, I'll be reaching out to a few more people about doing more.


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