Kickoff: Week of July 12th

Jul 12, 2021

Welcome to 58 new members who've joined since our last kickoff!

I missed kickoff the last two weeks. Candidly, my cofounder for Launch House, Jacob, had been in the hospital for 44 days and the last two weeks in particular required me to spend little time on anything other than Launch House.

Thankfully, Jacob's back at home now and things are looking good, so we'll resume kickoffs. As an aside, his positivity despite his situation has been truly inspiring!

Despite minimal time, I have been making some progress. I still managed to get deep dives out each week, and set up a few other things.

Product Hunt Launch

The BSP is launching on Product Hunt TODAY! Go to and give us an upvote πŸ™‚

The more upvotes we get, the more we'll be seen by new potential members!

Mac Reddin Interview

Last week I interviewed the founder of Commsor, Mac Reddin. We talked about how to communicate the importance of community analytics, and expanded on the GEAR framework.

Keep an eye out later this week for the interview.

Updated Account Page

Plenty of people have emailed me about the confusing layout of the account page on the BSP website. This was a Ghost default page that I wasn't able to edit, so we built a customized version instead.

The customized version is visible for anyone who may have been running into issues.

Business Model Deep Dive

I'll share a deep dive on how to use various business models to grow your community. It'll help you decide which models are right for your community.


After the interview with Mac gets sent out, I'll be reaching out to a bunch of other amazing community builders to set up more.

Launching Referral Program

Starting with this week's deep dive, we'll have a referral program with some cool rewards for you all!

Community Survey

For research for a future post, I'll be conducting a survey of various stakeholders in community building β€” I'll be collecting insights from community managers, investors, and many others.

Outline Growth Strategy

I'll be writing up a Notion doc and recording a Loom video about the growth strategy for the BSP. I'll share this in next week's kickoff.


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