How We Hit 750 Members on Day 1

Jun 2, 2021

I woke up this morning to see 750 BSP members, and it looks like we may hit 800 within the first 24 hours. My goal was 100, and I thought that was optimistic! 🤯 🤯

Today we're a newsletter, but the BSP is going to grow into a private community — potentially sooner than I planned, based on this early response. I'm feeling super inspired.

I don't have a massive audience on Twitter (2.4k followers before yesterday), and hadn't been active on the platform for the last 6 weeks, but I was able to generate over 80,000 impressions for the launch tweet, which drove the most traffic to the newsletter and over 300 new followers. Here's how.

Ask for Help

Platforms reward high early EPI. Normally, the first people to see a post are your followers, and if your followers like it, platforms push the content further and more aggressively to other people. So, getting groups of friends to help boost it can be hugely influential.

I'm fortunate to have a bunch of friends who are active on Twitter. I DM'd a few and dropped the launch tweet in some group DMs yesterday right after posting it. This kept the EPI above 10% for quite a while, and above 40% in the first few minutes after posting the tweet. Twitter responded by showing the tweet to a ton of people.

TLDR, it's nice to have friends who think you're building interesting things 🙌

Most established platforms punish your content when you include links to other websites. As much as I wanted to link to the BSP in my tweet, I knew it wouldn't get nearly as much reach if I did.

Instead, I told people where they could find the link if the tweet sounded interesting. I probably lost a few potential subscribers who didn't want to click on my profile, or who did and then got distracted, but I gained many more due to the additional reach.

I also included it in a separate tweet at the end of the thread as a CTA.

Be Responsive

I'm super thankful to everyone who subscribed, and when they commented or quote tweeted the announcement, I made sure to respond. I'm not sure if this had any impact on the performance of the tweet, but it feels nice and can't hurt!

Write Concisely

Good copywriting drives interest in what else you create. I'll do a deep dive on copywriting for social media at some point, and how essential it is to grow a community, but here's a great TLDR from Alex Garcia on how Apple does it well.

Test, Test, Test!

Some icons were missing from the site on certain browsers, and the copy on the checkout experience was confusing for some people — as a former engineer I should've caught these things beforehand!

Better Real Time Updates

The launch tweet did well, but I could've capitalized on it more by posting fun updates throughout the day. I tried one but deleted it after it didn't do well. Reflecting on it, I probably should've been more concise with my wording.

An EPI under 2% with before it even hits 1,000 impressions is a bad sign

There's a few more levers I want to pull this week. Maybe we can hit 1,000 members? I'll share more about how these go in Friday's Weekly Retrospective.

Private Communities

I'm a member of a bunch of great Slack, Discord, and even Facebook communities and try to be as active as possible. I'll be sharing the BSP in some of them.

30 Threads in 30 Days

There's no better way to grow on Twitter organically than by posting compelling threads. Since the launch on Twitter was so successful for the BSP, I'll be posting one thread per day there starting soon.

Want to give a shoutout to Tamir, the no-code wizard who's gone above and beyond in helping me set up the site! Hit him up if you're looking to launch any projects built on no-code.


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