Kickoff: Week of June 7

Jun 7, 2021

Welcome to the first BSP Weekly Kickoff!

Each week, I'll update you on Monday morning (rather than Friday afternoon) with a recap of what I did the previous week, why it did or didn't work, and what I'm planning for this week.

I'll always be fully transparent and include my internal dashboards, screenshots, and screencasts.

Let's get into it!

Membership Update

Tomorrow afternoon will be one week since launch. Incredibly, we're on track to hit 1,000 members by then. My goal was 100, with 200 as a stretch goal. My first post, last week, went into detail about what I did on launch day.

Approximately half of you have signed up the Believer plan, which will eventually be where original frameworks and deep dives get shared. So far, only 6 people have paid. I need to build more of a track record with The BSP before we see people choosing the Believer plan without promo codes. Hopefully, having a large initial group of members will help get the word out.

Let's go deeper on a few channels I started exploring last week 👇

Twitter & LinkedIn

Despite having a 3x larger following (11k vs 2.5k) on LinkedIn, I've been much more active over the last year on Twitter. My expectation was that Twitter would be our best channel. However, that hasn't been completely true so far.

Twitter drove significantly more pageviews, but converted at a 4x lower rate than LinkedIn!

My hypothesis is that LinkedIn has a lot of filler content, and not a lot about community building. If I can validate this, it will make sense to work on driving more views for my content on LinkedIn.

I also need to set up better conversion tracking soon to validate this by seeing how many of these pageviews turn into BSP members.

Post-launch, I started writing 30 Twitter threads in 30 days and began summarizing them on LinkedIn. It's also very clear that I haven't yet nailed the right format for the tweet threads. Two of them are my worst performing tweets in terms of EPI over the last few days:

I'm going to keep iterating on threads this week and will have more insight next Monday.

Community Outreach

Communities get spammed a lot, and members are there to form genuine connections — not to get ads. So, I knew driving membership from them would be challenging and I'd have to write a message that offered a lot upfront for free.

Here's what I tried (with some personalization for each community):

It did even worse than I expected. I created a unique Stripe code for each community — check out the number of redemptions each one has:

Yup, that's a total of 29 members from 13 different communities. We also added 17 members from the Trends community with a code that's not in the image. Granted, these are only the people who wanted the Believer plan so, using our ~50% Believer rate, the real number could be as high as 80-100.

The communities where the highest numbers of new BSP members came from weren't the largest. Rather, they were the ones where one of two things was true:

  • Members are more familiar with me ➡ the ex-Uber and ex-Airbnb communities did the best because I used to work at those companies
  • The BSP is aligned to the reason people joined the specific community ➡ a community of community builders with a couple thousand members did better than a community of Product Managers with 40k+

TLDR: Don't spam communities :)

Audience vs. Community Deep Dive

A few people have asked why I launched a newsletter if the goal is to build a community. Our first deep dive answers this and talks about the difference between building an audience and a community, and why one can lead to the other. Expect it later this week!

Weekly Faves

I'll be sending a list of my favorite community-focused pieces of content from various platforms that we see this week. Let me know what you think of it!

New Channel: Faves

Not to be confused with our Weekly Faves post, I'm going to use Faves, a social platform based on curation to grow the community. The more quality content you post on the platform, the more ad-space they give you. I'm going to create an add for The BSP and post an interesting link at least once a day.

Progress Page Launch

I'll be launching a public-facing progress page on our site that shows a daily update of how we're doing. I'll continue to build this out over time.


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